Online Payment for your African Safari

Please use your booking reference number e.g. D90 for online payment. We will let you know what this number is as soon as you let us know that you are ready to secure your spot.

How the Kruger Park Tours booking process works

  • When receiving full payment or 50 % deposit, we email a booking confirmation certificate / invoice.  Your full payment is due 55 days before travel.
  • We will discuss the tour logistics and design your travel experience by means of consulting.
  • You are welcome to discuss any uncertainties with us and we will also gather all the required information for logistical purposes in this process.
  • You will then receive a travel voucher closer to your safari date, which will include a more specific time on which you can expect the driver as well as relevant contact details.

You can pay with your Credit Card or EFT

Please note: All safaris are subject to availability and we need to confirm availability before you can make payment. All payments take place in South African Rand (ZAR). The currency converter on the right side of this page will provide you with an approximate price in your own currency.

Possible Credit Card payment errors and and how to avoid them:

  • You have to use a unique reference number when attempting payments for example adding a 01 or A if it is not your first attempt. E.g. D90A and on a following attempt D90B.
  • You can make use of VISA or MasterCard Cards which are enabled for payments on websites ONLY for payment.
  • Make sure with your bank that the online payment limits on your card are set accordingly for the payment.
  • If you are making payment from a bank outside of South Africa, please make sure that your bank does not block the payment to us in South Africa. Usually they will confirm that it is you making payment, however not always quickly. It is a default setting at banks in first-world countries to see payments to Africa as fraudulent. In such a case, you will get a “do not honor” response on the transaction receipt. Please contact your bank to resolve the problem. 
  • If you get a “3D Secure Processing Failed” response on the transaction receipt, then it means that there is a verification problem with the transaction (so then please contact your bank to get the transaction verified). Usually the bank will send a secret code on SMS, email or over the phone. Usually, you have to fill in this code, in order to complete the transaction).