Online Payment for your African Safari

Please use your booking reference number e.g. D90 for online payment. We will let you know what this number is as soon as you let us know that you are ready to secure your spot.

First of all, lets discuss how the Kruger Park Tours booking process works

  • Upon receipt of your full payment or 50 % deposit we will send you a booking confirmation certificate / invoice.  Your full payment is due 40 days before travel.
  • We will discuss the tour logistics and design your travel experience with you by means of consulting.
  • You are welcome to discuss any uncertainties with us and we will also gather all the required information for logistical purposes in this process.
  • You will then receive a travel voucher closer to your safari date.

You can pay with your Credit Card

Please note: All safaris are subject to availability and your safari needs to be confirmed by an Kruger Park Tours Consultant before proceeding with payment. All payments take place in South African Rand (ZAR). The currency conversion estimation provides you with an approximated price in your own currency.

Scroll down to view payment errors and how to avoid them

Please excuse the long explanation, but this is our courtesy to let you know about all the contingencies regarding this matter in advance. Except for the reasons why the transaction might fail, the process is actually very simple.

Please make sure of the following to ensure you do not experience any problems with the online payment system while making payment:

  • You have to use a unique reference number when attempting payments for example adding a 01 or A if it is not your first attempt
  • Make sure with your bank that online credit limits on your card are set accordingly for the payment
  • If this a payment from a bank outside of South Africa, please make sure with your bank that they do not block the payment to us in South Africa, as it is a default setting on their side. The error that you will get is “do not honor”. (*)
  1. *Please verify with the bank that it is you making the payment, since this is a payment to an African country (first-world country banks have these type if security measures in place as a default setting picking your payment up as a fraudulent transaction). The bank systems in Africa are also very outdated compared to countries such as Europe, United States and Australia.
  2. Your payment will not necessarily be blocked, it depends on your bank which you have an account with.  They normally do spot checks, so therefore I just communicate to my clients that it might happen.  Normally in this case your bank will also phone you to confirm this payment although they do not always respond quickly.
  • Should you get the error “3D Secure Processing Failed”, then the transaction has failed verification. Please phone your bank to get the transaction authorized (verified on their side / get the verification code) or you should have already received an SMS/text message or email with a verification number to provide in our payment system.
  • You can make use of VISA or MasterCard Chip-Enabled Cards ONLY for payment. In other words, the card needs to be one that is enabled to make payments online. Please verify with your bank if you can make use of your card to pay outside of your country.