Wire Transfers / Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT’s):

We do NOT recommend this payment method if you are booking in short notice (if your safari starts within two weeks of inquiring), because it can take some time for the funds to reflect on our side.

Please pay us in the currency we provided on our cost and information to you / you were quoted on (if the currency needs to be converted, it might mean that you did not pay us enough).


When you pay with an easy online Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please note that this is a secure payment method where you get priced at a better exchange rate than your bank can offer you, as the exchange rate varies constantly.


Using this payment method provides you with the following benefits:

  • Zero  International SWIFT fees
  • Zero commissions
  • Bank beating exchange rates
  • Pay in your own local currency into a local bank account in your own country


The disadvantage is however that the transaction will take a while to process, so please send us your payment receipt so we can secure your safari.


If you are located in the United States, you will be able to make use of a Wire Transfer when filling in your information after clicking on the EFT Payment button on our website! Should you make any error, the technical team at Exhange4Free will only be able to get back to you in a few days, once the transaction has been processed.


Please note: we do not accept ACB Debits (as they take too long).


When making use of the EFT transfer (even if you reside in the United States) you will have to still have to do a manual Wire Transfer into a bank account in your own country (which will be provided) after getting the exchange rate quote. You can get the exchange rate quote and local bank details, including reference number to use for the local bank transfer after clicking on the Pay via EFT button on our websites pay now page.


If you experience any difficulties when making use of this payment method, please check if your country is supported by clicking on this link: click to see supported countries or contact Joshua Liquorish from Exchange4Free on josh@efx-capital.com or call Exchange4Free at:

Telephone (ZA): +27 11 453 7818

Telephone (UK): +44 203 725 7091

Telephone (AUS): +61 280 149 355

Telephone (CAN): +1 647 800 6743


Exchange4Free has a brilliant technical team at your disposal.


Click on the below button to make an EFT payment:

*The above button opens in a new tab, so you can easily read the instructions on this page